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5 years increase

Study a report according to Technavio company market, 2016, compound year increase rate predicted market of product of global project lumber 2020 more than 26% . This report was covered 2016, the expectation of market of product of global project lumber was mixed 2020 growth foreground.

Market fractionize is the domain of a few different products, include to be versed in layer of word bridge, compositive material, veneer accumulates material LVL, was versed in word bridge gets region dominant 2015 among them the market, occupy the 36% above of integral market share.

Technavio company spin, fiber and composite material study expert Chandrakumar Badala Jaganathan points out: "Compound year increase rate predicts to exceed 26% , make a person impressive. As a result of its but durative, photograph of project lumber product is more and more popular than material of Yu Kuo leaf. Strict timber production code and the innovation that destroy Lin Su to spend all sorts of elements such as aggravate to may drive project lumber to make, reduce like what produce cost etc. Reduce like what produce cost etc..

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