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decoration owners who help to buy materials, entering the overseer, required the coordination of all aspects of the cost. Five, taxes and fees owners need to decorate the company issued a decoration invoice, the cost of the project is generally 68%. The cost of soft furnishings furniture owners purchase appliances, furniture, soft furnishings and so on, accounting for 25%30%. The process of renovation budget overruns are often the things happen. Therefore, the owners of the best stage in the preparation of the

decoration of the future spending for some time to plan to ensure that every penny spent on the blade. If you want to know more knowledge of the decoration budget, please continue to pay attention to the decoration.There are many types of home decoration wallpaper material, mainly based on their own home decoration style to choose. The above is about home decoration wallpaper material types related to the introduction, in the hope that everyone's home decoration wallpaper help. Home decoration wallpaper

wallpaper home decoration material: Material: 1, diatomite wallpaper with diatomite as raw material, the surface has numerous pores, adsorption and decomposition of odor in the air, air humidity, deodorizing, heat insulation, prevent the growth of bacteria and other functions. It helps to purify indoor air, to improve the home environment, the effect of conditioning the body. Recommended places: bedroom, study, living room, office, wardrobe wallpaper home decoration material: 2, nonwoven wallpaper YISHION

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