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Customized Wrapped bronze bushing,wrapped bronze bearing

Mechanical equipment installed rolling bearing assembly requirements
1 before linear roller bearings assembly, should be measured with the size of the bearing, by way of bearing rust select the appropriate method for cleaning clean; bearings should be no damage, no rust, rotation should be flexible and no abnormal sound.
2 When using temperature d ference method assembly Rolling bearings are heated Wenzi Run sliding bearings shall be not higher than 100 ℃; cooling temperature is not lower than / 80 ℃.
3 with the sintered gear,powder sintered parts and bearing housing bore or equipment shall comply with the technical documentation. For split housings or open the cabinet, split joints should be no gap; bearing outer ring and housing in the range 120 ° symmetrical centerline copper sleeve and the bearing cap in the range of 90 ° symmetrical center line should be in un orm contact and shall be 0. 03mm feeler, stuffing length should be less than 1/3 of the length of the outer ring. You must not have room bearing outer ring and bearing housing halves or open the folder with the help of oil bearing hole phenomenon.
4 bearings and shaft shoulder or shoulder bearing profile should try to be; tapered roller bearings and angular contact ball bearing clearance and shaft shoulder should not be greater than 0 05mm, and the other bearing clearance shall not exceed 0 1mm... Bearing cap and gasket must be flat and should be un ormly close to the end face of the bearing. When the device technical documentation spec ied, according to the provisions for clearance.
5-axis assembly ends with radial clearance is not adjustable, and the axial displacement of the shaft ends when the lid is defined by radial bearings, should stay out of the gap. When the device is no technical documentation spec ied, leaving a gap desirable 0. 2 ~ 0. 4mm.
6 radial bearings, needle bearings, roller bearings after the screw assembly should be flexible rotation. When grease bearings after assembly in the bearing cavity should be raised from 65% to 80% of the cavity volume of clean grease, but oil lubrication of bearings, lubrication can not.
7 single row radial ball bearings, radial thrust tapered roller bearings, Wrapped bronze bushing,wrapped bronze bearing mounted on the journal bearing and axial preload extent within the (axial pre-interference), should be bearing the standard equipment or implementation of the provisions of the technical documentation.

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