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In check out procedure, discovery general happy county is auspicious production of bamboo products factory, store 2 buildings set sweet core room living place, do not accord with standard of engineered floor vs solid wood beam fire control technology, disobeyed " fire service law of People's Republic of China " the 19th the 2nd regulation.

Immediately of a density of wood and wpc large body of allots " instruct deadline to correct advice note " , basis " fire service law of People's Republic of China " the 61st the 2nd regulation, the decision gives made in china wpc flooring outdoor waterproof will happy county auspicious bamboo products plant orders stop production stop business and fine a RMB five yuan whole punishment.

Group besides undertake be condemnatoried lawfully beyond, give patient ground to explain to this company controller, undertook common sense of law of fire service law is screen outdoor decorative taught, the understanding that makes offset of this company controller defends law law plan and fire control safety had farther raising.

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