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DU-H half bushing SGLX L shaped blank type Manufacturer

One-way bearing
linear shaft bearings in one direction can roll freely, while on the other bearing dry bearing a lock direction. One-way bearing metal case inside, including a number of rollers, roller or ball, and its roll seat (hole) in the shape that it can only roll in one direction, while in the other direction will change a lot of resistance ( The so-called "one-way").

Product features

SGLX L shaped blank type selection Bearing Factory Jiashan molding and sintering technology of metal powder (or a mixture of metal powder and nonmetal powder) made ball bearing technology technology products. On the basis of characteristic features and technical changes powder discussion on the selection of appropriate technology process technology, changes in powder form, function and structure their arrangements become accustomed to d ferent needs bearing merchandise.

Entity using one-way bearing GCr15 bearing steel, heat-treated hardness HRC61-65, bearing small in size and has a high load carrying capacity, satisfying a smooth fat storage space, there is a longer distance of smooth again.

PM-way bearing and physical DU-H half bushing is able to completely drive shaft when the driving force has been "locked" to avoid the traditional one-way bearing Drawn cup "lock" feature lacking in question.

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