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FB092 bronze bearing SOSB SOBB oilless thrust bush Manufacturer

Sliding bearing general applications
Under the condition of linear slide rail system, sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, also can greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability.But starting frictional resistance is bigger.The bearing parts of the shaft are called journal, and SOSB SOBB oilless thrust bush called bush.In order to improve the bearing surface of the friction properties and in them on the surface of cast anti-friction material layer is called the bearing bush.Bearing and bearing liner material collectively known as the sliding bearing material.The sliding bearing material with the commonly used bearing alloy (also called babbit or white metal), wear resistant cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy material, plastic, rubber, hardwood and carbon - graphite, teflon (PTFE), modified polyformaldehyde (POM), etc.FB092 bronze bearing applications generally under the condition of low speed and heavy loading conditions, or maintenance and charging of lubricating oil is difficult work.

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