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GEC radial spherical plain bearing sintered bush Factory

What kind of bearing materials
Bearing materials:
linear roller and rolling body, one side again and again under high contact pressure, a dry type associated with the sliding rolling contact bearing.Retainer, one side and on either side of the ring and rolling body, or its one side sliding contact, one side under tension and compression force.Therefore, the bearing ring, rolling element and cage materials, properties, main requirements are as follows.
The performance of the ring, rolling body materials required:
Scroll to fatigue strength High hardness High resistance to friction consumption cage materials required by the performance:
Dimensional stability good mechanical strength and good processing jiashan bearing factory is needed.According to d ferent purposes and demands of its, impact resistance, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance.
Ring and rolling body materials:
Ring and rolling body usually use high carbon chromium bearing steel.Most of the bearing, using JIS SUJ2 of the sintered bush manufacturer.Use SUJ3 large bearing.
The chemical composition of SUJ2, around the world, as a bearing material has been normalized.For example: with AISL52100 (us), DIN100Cr6 (west), BS535A99 (UK) belong to the same steel, etc.
Further need impact resistance, used as a bearing material nickel chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, chrome molybdenum steel, using carbon quenching, make the steel from the surface to the appropriate depth has a hardening layer.With appropriate hardening depth, fine structure, suitable hardness hardness of surface and the core permeability of coal bearing, than using the bearing steel bearing has excellent resistance to impact, the average permeability coal bearing steel chemical composition.
NSK implemented a vacuum degassing treatment, so, the materials used in the clean degree is high, less oxygen content, good quality.Then use the appropriate heat treatment, make the bearing amount of rolling fatigue l e sign icantly improved.
The steel grade, according to the special purpose, also use the excellent heat resistance of high speed steel, good corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
Maintains a material:
Punch retainers material, the use of low carbon steel.According to d ferent purposes, also used brass, GEC radial spherical plain bearing.Cutting system maintains a material, the use of high-intensity brass, carbon steel, and also the use of synthetic resin.

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