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in the whole nation

Still one has proper place in the whole nation, it is building pattern plate. "Willow produces building pattern plate, take countrywide market about the portion of 40% . " this industry personage of senior lumber treatment introduces a Liuzhou, building pattern plate is the field with treatment lumber the biggest dosage, if build the respect such as construction of bridge of residential floor ceiling, highway to want to use building pattern plate,

the building pours a model, and it belongs to easy bad news to taste, was about to change with 10. Present high-level building and the construction such as tall iron bridge, technical demand is very high, these building pattern plate want level off to arrive home glossily provided rate, liuzhou has many 80 company that is engaged in building pattern plate at present.

That day, the conference still held autograph of lumber industry project to arrange a ceremony. Government of county of cervine stockaded village and association of Zhejiang province floor signed lumber to machine agreement of strategic collaboration framework, both sides will cooperate in deepness of respect of forest products technology;

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