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Reporters said it was deliberately to buy the floor, just because the relevant reports make hesitant, the owner put away his face preparedness, "our floor is a national Mianjian products, absolutely impossible to fake." And argue that the price is cheap Because their operating costs are much lower than the large stores. After the reporter said that with the family to come to determine the variety of flooring before getting out.outdoor wall panel

December 3, the reporter with Lee Shun Lam floor store senior floor, Mr. Liu once again came to the store, according to Mr. Liu identified, the shop sold heavy ants wood, incense two feet of beans, oak, wood ants, Varieties are fake, and there are random random name of the phenomenon of irregularities. Wood Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, Wu edge of the Secretary-General said that under normal circumstances the normal profit of solid wood flooring should be 20 to 30 yuan / square meters, while solid wood flooring prices in recent years to 20% annual rate of price increases, Small brands far below the market price of the price to attract consumers themselves is low-cost market disturbance, is questionable. And this year's Nanjing flooring market competition is far more intense than in previous years, there can be no case of selling stockpile.swimming pool decking

Wu said the Secretary-General, consumers in the purchase of solid wood flooring must be "insight", in fact, in December for the consumer can be called the floor sales, December 9, Oriental Flooring Union Promotions, December 15 Shun floor promotions , December 23 Fulin floor promotions ... ..., well-known brands of quality and service with the end of the year to sell the price, I believe consumers will be able to buy cheap floor, away from the "fake" floor trap.outdoor flooring

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