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Kang Hui floor " win in terminal, look into 2017 " agency grooms can hold in headquarters Naxun

December 14 Kang Hui floor " win in terminal, look into 2017 " agency grooms can be in Na Xunkang brightness floor headquarters is held grandly, the whole nation tens of dealer of Kang Hui floor people return Kang Hui headquarters to communicate experience to learn jointly. By a definite date 3 days groom can begin formally also, gain new insights through reviewing old material, kang Hui's person lets him become more professional with study.

2016 is floor industry a year when anabiosis, collectivity of industry of timber of the Kang Hui in this year fluctuates, from group organization, to soft hardware equipment upgrade newlier to be publicized external etc did a lot of works, a lot of Kang Hui's agency seized this one opportunity, achieved the big breakthrough of oneself sale successfully, but the agency that also has a few missed this one opportunity. Study is successful foundation, dare to put only him sky learns ability to let his be able to succeed ceaselessly, was open of floor of this Kang Hui " Kang Hui business school " , hold " agency grooms meeting " hope everybody can arm through learning oneself, grow ceaselessly. At the same time Kang Hui welcomes a people ardently to come home. President of Kang Hui floor Shenyang always can make start to groom.

The group is paddle, it is the motivation of the travel before billow of behead of an a large ship, kang Hui floor holds water more than 20 years to optimize his business management system ceaselessly, make the group with a professional assiduous and tough sureness, for Kang Hui countrywide strategy provides the soliddest safeguard.

By a definite date 3 days " terminal agency grooms meeting " rise to begin formally today, kang Hui floor tastes announce department inspector general to have more than 10 years the professional instructor such as warm ministry of ministry of door of wood of the Fan Zong from already check, Kang Hui, ground will be the industry everybody is brought manage product major knowledge to wait for a series of wonderful course from door inn.

Everything is only grow, all student people arrive to enrich and groom tensely with full enthusiastic investment in study, the everybody after wishing 3 days can come back with fruitful results, the enterprise that the study sth in order to apply it allows him further.

Understand Kang Hui floor detailed information Business of action of Kang Hui floor undertakes in, have please join in the agent of demand of floor of Kang Hui floor, acting Kang Hui contacts us, click examine more floor to enrol business

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