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This data can discover scrutiny, last in economy below the environment of be issued to lower levels, driving log to import the reason that the volume rises steadily is needle leaf material continuously strong. "Not all lumber is bad to do, low end log import volume is rising steadily, market share expands continuously,boards to repair park bench the wind direction of log market has been changed sadly. " old hydration represents the expert inside travel so.

In in high-end market suffers below tired environment, make outdoor wood bench seating so by the low end material of sniff plants everybody to become a businessman to maintain gradually live help straw. Manage furniture of branch of bright red acid so, begin to manage dye rosewood furniture; The beginning of furniture of pear of cladding for houseboats management fragrant flower manages the furniture such as beans of Chen Guibao, hophornbeam, layer class presents the case that pursues class to decrease successively, and rank is lower and lower.

"Market shipment is the fastest is sexual price compares highest lumber, the sale status of furniture market is likewise such " . The businessman expresses so. Professional personage thinks, the change of the market builds what run strategy into the businessman to also transform subsequently.building a fence australia This kind of change, have a plenty of to cater to the change that consumes the market active change, have a plenty of live to maintain and be forced helplessly to transform.

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