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LED lights by the fashion owners of young owners love

"LED daytime running lights in fact the development of some years, but at the beginning when the models are equipped with relatively high prices, not so civilians." Car modified enthusiasts Xu Fan said, such as BMW, Passat's daytime traffic Lights are relatively good design, Audi is ridiculously dubbed the "lighting factory", "Hawkeye", "sickle", "lightning" are car enthusiasts are familiar with the design of LED lights.LED light bars

Now OSRAM, Philips and nine plus one, have developed a more successful, reliable and reliable LED lights. There are cars and motorcycles. "In addition to the cool day, but also to ensure traffic safety." Xu Fan said, equipped with daytime running lights in the daytime sunshine dazzling or rain and fog days of poor line of sight can be more vehicle identification The "As a safety device, many countries in Europe have mandated manufacturers to match daytime running lights."The Most Popular Car Accessories 7 Round LED Headlight LED

However, in Xu Fan view, the use of LED daytime running lights in today is the most to catch up with the trend, but not the leading trend. "If you want to lead the trend, it should be the whole set of lights are replaced by LED lights, including brake lights, headlights, turn lights, daytime running lights, etc." Xu Fan said, the best match with the BMW "angel eyes" Of the lights, it really Hyun. LED lights not only Hyun, and light reaction speed, called instant start. But the price is relatively high, the current configuration of the original car only Audi, Mercedes Benz and several luxury brands of some models, late modified enthusiasts are relatively small.12 Volt Led Light Strips

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