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Maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic system of small roller

The pavement engineering is mainly through subcontracting completed by each enterprise to take over the completion of road construction, the sub process of enterprise talent, personnel, engineering performance requirements are relatively harsh, but the registration division is harsh, the pavement engineering sub divided into what level? Here for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

In the sub project can be divided into one, two, three, it has a great relationship with other staff, enterprises must have registered construction engineering technical workers Division, highway engineering professional engineering series title personnel, construction site management personnel, etc.. The net assets of an enterprise in more than 72 million yuan, is a professional registered architect of not less than ten, coherent technical responsible person to have more than ten years of management experience, but also have a coherent senior professional qualification.

There are also more than fifteen professional titles above the level of more than forty personnel, holding a certificate of construction site management staff of not less than, and construction workers, security personnel, cost personnel must have. Technical personnel to participate in training qualified, the enterprise must have the performance of the project, in ten years to undertake a variety of Engineering pavement, and quality.

Two level of talent standard net assets of more than 2500 yuan, the highway engineering construction division registered not less than eight people, all staff have certificates, to take over the driver above the road pavement, and different kinds of pavement construction equipment, can satisfy the different highway construction.One of the three level of talent standard requirements are relatively low, there should be paved width of more than 4.5 meters of asphalt concrete equipment, various types of small roller machine three, and the staff must have experience in road construction.

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