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Even if fall in so grim situation, there also is very much flashy place in African material, like Angola Xiaoba flower was become this year most igneous material is planted one of; Flyspeck horse, yellow rose is gone against situation rise abruptly, those who be resided by wood fence panels lowes contemporary home chase after hold in both hands; Hedgehog rosewood includes CITES appendix III control, it may be said is topic of the town, be most the variety that gets dispute.

Wait for the businessman report of much ground according to harbor of Guangdong, Home Zhang, Shanghai, at present African material is planted the Composite Outdoor Furniture Zanesville Ohio differentiation phenomenon with relatively apparent existence, the phenomenon of polarization is commonner.

At present African material old capable person is planted the price glides somewhat, but new material is planted or young capable person is planted the price go up however raise, if the material such as big zebra, small zebra, yellow rose, red rose is planted, main reason high end composite white picket fence depends on prices still is relatively low fan, old capable person is planted output is much, the pressure of downstream businessman is greater, because pressure of inventory of this upper reaches is increased, can with low Qing Dynasty inventory;

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