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Motorcycle headlamps should be noted that the original car is converted or DC

Now more and more changes in motorcycles, before the conversion, friends have to first find out whether their car is a communication or DC, of course, more understanding of the motorcycle friends is certainly know, master please skip here Do not know too much about the motorcycle friends say something: LED light bars

Put the key into the car, you can start the engine can open the headlamp is the DC car, and vice versa is the exchange car. If it is an exchange car, before installing the LED headlamps must first match an adapter!Black Oak Light Bars

In short, LED lights are very dazzling, very cool, in the pursuit of hyun and cool at the same time, some details need to pay special attention to the. However, compared to the modified LED lights after the wonderful effect, because the need to pay attention to some of the details of the point to bring you "little trouble" is basically negligible.H4 LED Motorcycle Headlight Kit And H4 LED Upgrade

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