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Laminate flooring is also called Laminate anti uv fence distributors flooring / laminate flooring, the wear layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balance (moisture) layer. Laminate flooring is one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin pavement in the particleboard, high density fiberboard and other wood-based panels substrate surface, plus the back-balancing layer, positive plus wear layer, by hot pressing, forming the floor. Laminate waterproof composite roofing board flooring features Laminate flooring has the following characteristics: wear, rich in style, impact resistance, deformation resistance, pollution, fire-retardant, moisture, environmental protection, do not fade, easy to install, easy care, It can be used for floor heating.

The main disadvantage of laminate flooring: Compared with solid wood outdoor balcony railing orlando flooring, this type of flooring due to the greater density, so the foot feeling slightly worse. The product is repairable poor, once damaged, it must be replaced. Since the use of formaldehyde-based adhesives in the production process, so there is that certain kinds of flooring formaldehyde emission problem, if formaldehyde emission exceeds a certain standard, will have a certain impact on human health, and environmental pollution. E1 level and above on the human body without harm.

The main advantage of strengthening the floor: Compared with traditional solid wood wpc lumber span rating flooring, size large. More varieties, can simulate a variety of natural or man-made patterns. The overall effect is good ground after laying. Uniform color, good visual effect. Compared with solid wood flooring, surface high wear resistance, a higher flame retardant properties, stain resistance and strong corrosion resistance, good compressive strength, impact resistance. Easy to clean and care. Good dimensional stability, thereby ensuring that in the course of the gap between the floor of a small, easy to bagging. Laying convenient, the price is cheaper.

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