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"Now the agents or distributors complained about the supermarket a lot." Huiya ceramics, said the high manager, because the building materials supermarket to the purchase price pressure is too low, long cycle period, but also provide a variety of costs, most of the profits by the supermarket Eat up. As a result,

the contest between agents or distributors and building materials supermarkets has not stopped. Last year, B & Q proposed to seek direct supply of products manufacturers, forced to withdraw agents, agents gathered in Shenzhen brewing "making a hundred home of the anti." Building materials supermarkets "As China's traditional building materials market is too large,

and in line with the current low consumption needs of Chinese society, so it will occupy a long-term dominant position in the future." Wang said, but the development trend is no problem building materials supermarket. But compared to foreign building materials supermarkets through large-scale procurement to reduce prices to enter the sales price difference to obtain high profits,

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