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Luosen flooring in the Chinese market in 2006 sales grew 50%. This year, under the impact of the European Code of events, many under the banner of "foreign brands" under the banner of the floor sales have been affected, but Switzerland Lucene flooring sales increased rather than reduced, all this shows that the Swiss Lucerne floor is - your favorite Swiss floor, you trust the Swiss quality.

KRONOSWISS is a socially responsible business on the health of users, Switzerland Lucene floor formaldehyde emission of only 0.2mg / L (GB for the 1.5mg / L), far lower than the European E1 standard, not on human health Any impact. On the production of the surrounding environment, the Swiss Lucerne floor of the entire production process ISO14001 certification in the Swiss plant next to you can see the grass into the shade, cattle and sheep flocks,

clear water bottom. KRONOSWISS is the world's first certified FSC certified flooring production facility. The FSC certification not only represents more than 50 years of mature trees for its pine trees, but also represents KRONOSWISS maintaining the world's forest resources. Forest resources, for the world's sustainable development of forest resources made its due contribution.

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