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Shi Jianfang undertakes rework to wooden skin, make become without skin of the wood that spin cloth, increase the tenacity of wooden skin, contented individuation client is right the demand of the product. "3 build " copartner from beginning to end communicate each other, cooperate each other, outdoor fire wood boxes mutual trust, perforative at " buy, produce, annul " each link, make concerted effort does the business do greatly strong.

Harbor of hill of near future haze, too harbor radiate loose price is in the storehouse glide, too price of material of harbor belt skin falls the storehouse float 10~20 yuan / square left contemporary house designs with roof decks and right sides, ability of United States of haze country region is relative stabler.

July when, of trafficker of North America material buy enthusiasm very tall, take Pi Jiacai price to be in 750 U.S. dollors / above of 1000 board feet, and will look according to the price that composite panels for sale expects at present, hang at least 50 yuan / square left and right sides. Radiation pine is current the price is in 810 yuan / square, the main factor that the price glides is plum rains season, production of building pattern plate receives block, add inventory of region of country of near future haze to increase, make its price ceaseless glide.

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