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SGLXS L shaped slide guide oilless slide guide Design

The use of the bearing
1 apply advertent items linear slide make fine parts, and in demand in the application are correspondingly steady mood, both variable using the function of bronze rolling bearing high bearing, use undeserved, also can't reach the expected effect of function, so use bearing make should pay attention to the following:
1.1 stick to the SGLXS L shaped slide guide oilless slide guide and the surrounding environment clean.Even the naked eye look at jiashan bearing see smiling dust into the bearing, also will increase the wear of bearings, vibration and noise.
1.2 devices should be careful when use, do not allow the powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly, not allowed to transfer pressure after the roll body.
1.3 apply appropriate, accurate device, as far as possible by using Casting bimetal bushing

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