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1. Wear-resistant. Listen to its name Many people think that the cork flooring must be soft, not wear. In fact, just the opposite. Because cork flooring in the cork is not wood, it is a special treatment of composite materials, with a special organizational structure, compared with the solid wood flooring is more resistant to wear, and oil, acid, soap and other liquids, use them More pungent.

2. Moisture-proof. Cork flooring is impermeable to water and impermeable characteristics, the case is not easy to warping deformation, moisture resistance is far superior to other wood flooring, flame retardant performance is also good.

3. Flexible. Cork cells are hexagonal honeycomb structure, the cell is filled with air, this structure and composition of soft wood flooring with soft, flexible and strong characteristics, the use of flexible compression, flexible. In the furniture artifacts were removed, the depression of the place to restore the status quo ante. This special material structure also has noise, sound and warm function, and a comfortable foot feeling.

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