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Key words two: decorative effect [phenomenon] enhanced wood flooring variety variety, its natural, warm decorative effect by more and more people's favorite. However, some small production enterprises do not have the professional design staff, production equipment and technology, the production of products lack of natural beauty, color, texture seems blurred or uncomfortable,

and some even "clone" well-known brand of imitation products , After the pavement can not reach the consumer expected decorative effect. [Analysis] The stability of the laminate flooring depends mainly on the decorative layer. Strengthen the wood flooring 15 years to the rapid development of the decorative layer will be most of the natural surface can be used as surface decoration

of the surface texture and color of artistic imagination and design are inseparable, and strengthen the decorative floor of the floor to provide consumers with a diversity Of the home improvement, and create more personal style of living environment. Ground decoration materials is the most taboo is the overall visual confusion and visual effects dull,

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