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the use of plant purification can receive better results. 3, according to the different functions of the room selection and placement of plants. Night plant respiration, release of carbon dioxide, the bedroom placed too many plants is not conducive to night sleep. Bathroom, study room, living room, kitchen decoration materials different pollutants are different,

you can choose different purification function of the plant. 4, according to the size of the room size and display plants. Plant purification indoor environment and plant foliage surface area has a direct relationship, so the height of the plant, the size of the crown diameter, the size of the green will affect the purification effect.

Under normal circumstances, about 10 square meters of the room, 1.5 meters high plant put two pots more appropriate. So how do we choose the best fit for ourselves? Today, we will introduce you to several effective formaldehyde, and economical and practical, beautiful generous plant varieties! Formaldehyde top ten plant master: Chlorophytum characteristics: easy farming, adaptability,

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